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Resins and Hardeners

KOI products solutions & Engineering wide array of advanced resins and emulsions provides a comprehensive solution for the production of paint and coatings.
Saturated Polyester Resin
Oil Free Polyester Resin
Amino Resin
UV Curable Resin
Isocyanate and Isocyanurate
Polyurethane resin (PU)
Epoxy Resins

High-quality epoxy resins and thickeners, used in the production of coatings for a variety of surfaces – flooring, metals, sports stadiums and gyms and wet surfaces. Additionally, they can also be used to prevent corrosion and for the production of electrostatic powders for painting different surfaces. KOI products solutions & Engineering offers a complete system, including resin, thickener and a range of additives and fillers, customized to the necessary applications.

Alkyd Resins

A rich portfolio of solvent-based alkyd resins intended for the coatings industry:
.Short alkyd resins, Medium alkyd resins, Long alkyd resins Special resins and epoxy esters

Polymer Emulsion

A wide variety of polymer emulsions for a variety of industries – graphic design, textile, construction and more.

Acrylic Emulsion

the basic raw material for the production of paint for a variety of industries – textile, design, construction and more. The acrylic emulsion is offered in liquid form. In addition, KOI products solutions & Engineering provides acrylic resins, used in the production of solvent-based paints, for purposes of coating metals, wood, road marking and more.

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