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An Israel-based industrial group committed to the values of innovative manufacturing, recycling, and social impact – is a leading authority on advanced materials.

KOI is a gateway for Israeli companies to market globally, and for global companies to market in Israel. The combination of our Products, Solutions and Engineering division,

with our Innovation and Sustainability division, is a springboard for great ideas to happen. We invite like-minded companies, with unique products and high growth potential, to become KOI affiliates and take advantage of our strong technological leadership and vast industry experience.

  • We make your ideas happen (end to end KOI solution)
  • Israeli innovation, real products and sustainability
  • Gateway into a family of co-minded companies


KOI products solutions

We are experts in the production of composites, supplying raw and processed materials from leading global companies while providing local expertise for all our customers’ advanced material R&D, engineering and production requirements.

KOI products solutions
KOI products solutions

We are committed to environmental responsibility and have adopted sustainable practices wherever possible in our recycling and refinement processes, from the production floor to the front office.

KOI products solutions