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KOI Products & Solutions

Our Expertise

We are experts in finding solutions to your advanced materials challenges from supplying raw materials, through provision of semi-finished parts and up to completion of the final product. By leveraging  our deep industry knowledge and long-term relationships with leading global companies, we are dedicated to ensuring that our customers get a full solution for their manufacturing requirements.

Our experience and expertise have led us to identify and become representatives of the world’s leading suppliers for the composite materials industry, including paint, ink, plastic, and cosmetics. We have worked together with many of our suppliers for years, giving us significant hands-on experience and the ability to deliver results under tight deadlines. These long-term relationships enable us to provide customized comprehensive solutions to designers and manufacturers of composite parts covering a wide range of applications.

From a logistics perspective, our state-of-the art warehouses offer thousands of items available for immediate delivery and advanced services that can fulfil select orders within 24 hours. We have implemented sophisticated management systems including temperature controls and ERP software to ensure delivery of quality products to our customers when and where they need it.

Looking towards the future, our deep familiarity with the latest market trends enables us to provide solutions for our customers’ evolving needs today, while adding more leading global products covering additional applications for tomorrow.

End-to-End Solutions

Beyond partnering with some of the best names in advanced materials, we also add value for our customers by providing consulting, development and logistics services. Our dual role as local representative and service provider, ensures successful end-to-end solutions without anything falling between the cracks.

For the past 50 years, we have provided solutions to hundreds of factories and manufacturers for applications as diverse as aerospace, automotive, cosmetics, paints, printing and pharmaceuticals, just to name a few.

A core part of our complete solutions are semi-finished products, where we take the specifications for a particular subsystem, and deliver a completed part ready for integration into your manufacturing process.  Integration of semi-finished products are a great way to increase efficiency, eliminate bottlenecks and reduce costs.

Intimate relationships with our suppliers enable us to ensure full customized programs for the design, engineering, and manufacture of advanced materials according to customer requirements. We also utilize our own in-house fully equipped materials lab, in concert with our staff of specialists, including engineers, chemists, and materials experts, to provide training and support throughout the R&D, engineering and production processes.

We also offer Semi Finished Products which simplify the production of complex systems by providing specified sub-assemblies constructed of advanced materials ready for integration into the production line.