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Zinc Recycling

Supply of Zinc Products

Based on the zinc scrap we purchase from around the world, we are also a leading supplier of recycled zinc micro mineral products to the local market, as well as international customers, in a number of form factors including:

  • Zinc Dust and Powder
  • Zinc Bullets
  • Zinc Balls
  • Custom Zinc Products

We implement rigorous quality control practices to ensure our products adhere to the highest international standards and meet our customers quality requirements.

Please contact us regarding your requirements and inquiries for all types of zinc micro mineral products in a form-factor that fits your production line.

Purchase of Zinc Scrap & Residue

KOI Sustainability recycles and trades in zinc residue and scrap, mainly from the hot-dip galvanizing industry.  Our recycling process is extremely flexible allowing us to purchase zinc waste – using an any amount, anytime, anywhere and any way approach.

The zinc residue and scrap we buy are a result of the Zinc Bottom Dross, Zinc Fine Ash and Zinc Blowing Powder / Pipe Mill Dust processes. After the waste is recycled and refined, it is used to manufacture high-quality zinc products, in various form factors, covering a wide range of applications.

Feel free to contact us regarding offers and enquiries for all types of zinc scrap and residue.