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KOI products solutions & Engineering’s additives improve the properties of the Ink & Inkjet and prevent the formation of typical problems in their production process. The Company’s Ink & Inkjet additives improve the product properties and prevent typical problems from occurring during production, in turn, helping to optimize production. The various additives offer customized solutions for a wide range of purposes. In addition the company provides innovative additives based on nanotechnology.
Pigments Dispersions
Wax Additives to Enhance Surface Properties
Prevention of Surface Defects
Green Additives
Anti Skinning
Viscosity Reducers
Easy to Clean
Control of Water Evaporation
Dynamic Surface Tension Reduction
UV Curing
Coupling Agents
Adhesion Promoters
Processing Additives
Anti Grafity
Anti Corossion
Scratch Resistance
Surface Tension Reduction and Substrate Wetting
Wetting and Dispersion for Pigments and Fillers
Gloss Effect
Matting Agents
Air Release and Defoaming
Rheology Modifier and Thickeners