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KOI products solutions & Engineering offers many customized color solutions in the pigment category that allow for the production of a wide range of products:
Vegetable-based Pigments

Vegtable-based pigments, such as: carrot, beet, tomato, turmeric, caramel and green leaf extractions.

Water and Solvent-based dispersion pigments

Water and solvent-based dispersion pigments for the production of creams and makeup products.


Organic and Inorganic pigments

Organic and inorganic pigments and dyes intended for transparent tinted products.

Cosmetics and Toothpastes Treated pigments

Treated pigments for the production of natural cosmetics and toothpastes.

Silicone-based Treated Pigments

Silicone-based treated pigments suitable for cosmetic products.

Color pastes ready for the production of lipsticks
Pigments for the production of mascara
Pigments for the production of soap
Pigments for hair dye
Pigments for makeup and lipstick