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KOI products solutions & engineering supplies a wide variety of prepregs, based on carbon, glass, Kevlar, silica, quartz and basalt fabrics, with epoxy, phenolic, cyanate and polyester resin systems. The different prepregs are used for the production of composite materials in a wide variety of industries, from the automotive industry to advanced applications in the aerospace and space industry.
BMI (Bismaleimide)

BMI systems for high temperature performance.

Epoxy Prepregs

Intended for applications at room temperature and at high temperatures that range from 80°-240° Celsius.

Cyanate Prepregs

Resistant to high temperatures ranging from 80°-350°

Phenolic Prepregs

Phenolics for fire, smoke and toxicity performance in aircraft interiors.

Polyester Prepregs
High Strength, Structural, Flame-Resistant,Laminate Grade Polyester Matrix.

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