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KOI products solutions & engineering offering wide range of reinforcements for the manufacture of structural composites, used in aerospace, military, transportation and industrial applications. A complete line of fabrics and reinforcements, available in a range of weave styles: Woven fabrics, Unidirectional fabrics, Multiaxial and Fabrics for infusion.    
Carbon Fabrics

Strong fabrics, resistant to tearing and bending. Used for a variety of applications in the aerospace industrial and marine industry.

E-Glass and S-Glass Fabrics

Fire-resistant fabrics, woven with glass fibers. The fabrics are offered in a variety of widths and weaving methods and used for a variety of applications in the aviation, land and sea transport and construction industries, such as cladding and antennas.

Aramid/Kevlar Fabrics 

Fabrics with high energy absorption capability and high specific gravity. Used for a variety of applications in the aviation, transportation and ballistic protection industries such as helmets and bulletproof vests.

Special Fabrics

Fabrics made from a variety of fibers such as basalt, quartz and silica, hybrid fabrics, fire-retardant weaves and glass mats.

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