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KOI products solutions & engineering offers a wide range of epoxy, polyurethane, polyester and acrylic-based adhesives.
Adhesives used as Auxiliary Materials (Infutac)

Used for laying down the different fabric layers in the mold for the purpose of adhering and stabilizing them.

Film Adhesives, Foaming Films, Primers and Liquid Shims (HexBond™)

Adhesives in the form of film, intended for adhering cores, such as honeycombs or foams, to prepregs. Allows for optimal fit for each project and provides weight savings. An excellent solution for adhering large surfaces.

Adhesives for Structural Adhesion

Means of strong and durable connection between metal, plastic and composite parts, through considerable weight savings. For use, among others, in a wide variety of applications in the aerospace and transportation industries.

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